The Innovative Products

A chip that can playback sound Perfect  sound quality, even the smallest details
From analog sound to digital sound From assembly manufacturing to semiconductor manufacturing
Replace all traditional speakers Bring you unimaginable innovative applications

Listen to the future with our chip
Take You into Digital Audio World
Digital MEMS Speaker that provides breakthrough function for all audio solution

Wider frequency range        Immeasurable distortion         Millimeter size      


Less power consumption       Noise elimination                    Low cost


Excellent impedance matching, maximizing electro-acoustic conversion efficiency, compared with traditional speakers of the same size, SPL (sound pressure level) significantly improved;

Composed of thousands of miniature vibrating units that perform the same movement, only the number of motion units needs to be controlled;

Superior performance, wider frequency range, flatter frequency response curve, less distortion, much lower than human ear perception;

Low power, no more than 1 watt;

Flexible design, small size, smd-mount provide unprecedented flexibility for downstream equipment.
Technical Highlights

Company is now building a packaging factory with an annual production capacity of 50 million chips, the factory with a total area of 5000 square meters, located in Suzhou Changshu city, close to the Yangtze River, includes an automatic MEMS package production line, acoustic laboratory, application laboratory, product quality test, and other functional laboratories. The factory is now undergoing internal decoration, which is expected to be put into use in the second quarter of 2022.

The factory is designed with advanced automatic production devices, including ASM automatic laminating machine, K&S wire bonding, FUJI SMT, LPKF laser splintering, Pemtron online testing system and other automatic devices. The automatic control system connects all the main devices to an automatic production line. The laboratory is equipped with a full set of auxiliary experimental equipment to provide a research environment for product development.

Package Factory
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